Post Process LEVO Surface Finish

When time is crucial, the PostProcess™ LEVO™ offers the fastest cycle times in our Surface Finish Design Series. Our patent-pending circular units are also ideal for running smaller parts to achieve an automated ‘customer-ready’ finish.

Using our unique Suspended Rotational Force (SRF) technology, the LEVO Surface Finish solution is capable of finishing surfaces of the following 3D printing technologies: FDM, MJF, SLS, SLA, CLIP, PolyJet, and more. The system utilizes a circulating motion with immersion in a mixture of composite abrasive and fluid for applying even mechanical force at the surface level. Our proprietary abrasive and polishing media help to meet the specifications for the desired Roughness Average (Ra) to achieve various types of finishes on a wide range of 3D printed materials.

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